Well, swifts are light and very fast. Just like you, with ultralight gear. 🙂

Use repair patches for small tears in your pack, shelter or garment made from Dyneema™ or Ripstop-Nylon. We suggest that you carry some repair patches in your emergency kit. These are very easy to use: Clean the surface – best to use alcohol and a napkin, but you will probably have to use water and dry it well. Don’t use wet wipes or hand sanitizers with skin cream. Next step is to remove the protective foil from the patch and apply it. Pressure the entire patch with your fingers to make good adhesion.

Never put it in a washing machine. The best way we have is to use a shower, soap and a sponge to gently remove the dirt. Rinse thoroughly and hang. Make sure it is dry before you stash it.

It is important to store the gear dry. After every trip, hang your shelter, sleeping bag or quilt, pack and garments for a day. If you don’t your gear might be contaminated and develop a smell difficult to get rid of.
Do not compress your insulation. Do not stuff your Dyneema™ gear – fold it lightly in order to avoid kinks.

Avoid washing when not necessary. The best way is to hand wash in warm water and lay it on a laundry dryer for a day. You can machine wash it gently with a mild detergent in cold or warm water up to 30°C.