Scalpel No.11 Sewing Kit

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This is a tiny tool with a standard no.11 scalpel blade, sewing needle and 3 meters of sewing thread. Everything weights only 2.7 grams. The blade is locked in closed position and can be deployed with one hand.

The blades are the nicest we could find – made from stainless steel with very hard zirconium nitride coating on the cutting edge. You can get the same blades as replacement (INOX replacable blade), but also stock with  standard carbon steel replaceable blades.

For the people that are not going to sew, there is a version without the thread. We kept the needle and added a loop hole. This tiny gadget is very practical for an EDC – it might very well be the lightest blade you will come across.




To extract the blade pull up or push down the protruded part to unlock with your index finder and slide the blade with your thumb. If you are left-handed you may find it easier to flip the tool and slide the blade with your middle finger instead of your thumb.

Regardless which hand you use, try it carefully the first few times to get familiar where the blade comes out and don’t poke your finger! The no. 11 is a very pointy surgical blade!

The blade does not lock in opened position and does not have to, because you are holding the slider and thus the blade in place.

To take out the needle just bend the cover and slide it out. When putting it back, again, take care not to poke you finger. Even the back side of a needle can be poky, so use your nail or something hard to push it back in place.

The blade is replaceable with any no. 11 surgical blade. You have to pray the slider out – best to use another blade for that. Slightly bend the cover to slide the old blade out and the new one in. Align the slider on the new blade  – best done starting with the back side of the slider. The slider and blade are hold together by a press fit so you just have to squeeze the tool with your fingers until it clicks. The slider can be pressed in a blade many times, but if you try to press it in misaligned, it might get damaged. So, just in case, we provide a spare slider.

For the version with thread, you also get a spare needle with every tool in case you loose it.

The tool with thread has two slits to hold the its end in place. Don’t forget to secure the rest of the thread, after the sewing task.

1 review for Scalpel No.11 Sewing Kit

  1. Boriana

    Lovely product. Very easy to use. I love the colors as well.

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