Scalpel Knife No.36 Tick Remover

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This is a minimalist folding tool with a large replaceable no.36 scalpel blade (40mm cutting edge). It weighs in at the mere 3.5 grams. This is the lightest usable knife of such size that we know of. The handle also doubles as a tick remover tool. Such a tool is essential – it is really difficult to remove those bugs if you don’t have a ready-to-go solution.

For fast hiking, this knife might easily be the only blade you want to carry. It is also great as a backup, for your first aid kit or EDC.

You can easily change the blade, but is even easier to sharpen it. We also make simple sharpening tool – two grids of high quality sandpaper P600 and P1000 that fold in a credit card size. It fits in a wallet and weights 3.7 grams.




The tick tool is used as a standard “tick removal card” – just slide the narrow slit on the skin until the thick is removed.

The blade is very easy to open and close, but different from what you are used to. The easiest way to open goes like this:

  1. Hold the tool at the tick removal end with your right hand so that you can see the blade. Put your left index finger under the other end and your thumb on the button in the middle.
  2. Gently push the button with your left thumb nail and pull the blade to unlock it.
  3. Rotate the blade and push it back until it clicks in position.

To close the blade:

  1. Hold the blade with your left hand and the tick remover end with your right hand firmly so you can see the blade, with the cutting edge facing down. Never touch the cutting edge.
  2. Bend outwards gently and pull the blade to unlock it.
  3. Rotate the blade 180° until it clicks, making sure the tip is hidden under the plastic cover.

Be careful, this is a real scalpel blade, it is very sharp.

Please consider that the blade is made of hard carbon steel which makes it prone to corrosion. Keep it clean and dry – fruits or sweat will corrode it if not washed.

If you want to replace the blade with another scalpel blade no.36 you need a PH2 screwdriver:

  1. Unscrew the black screw with the PH2 screwdriver. Press firmly and turn gently so you don’t damage the plastic screw head.
  2. Remove the old blade and click the new blade in place in closed position.
  3. Screw the black screw with the washer back in place and check the opening and closing functions and if the blade holds well in both positions. Adjust the screw tension if needed.

1 review for Scalpel Knife No.36 Tick Remover

  1. Benjamin

    A great and very lightweight part that I like very much. The idea to integrate a pen or even a tick remover on the knife is great.
    Really cool what is feasible with 3D printers everything! I have been using the knife for several months now. The blade, however, I find somewhat suboptimal. In the rear part (on the knife body) you have to watch out that you do not cut yourself. Maybe this can be reconsidered a bit? But maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t find that so ideal.

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