SwiftLock Line Tensioner



Adjusting the tension of your tent or tarp line is very important. You can do it only with knots (like the trucker’s hitch) or use some kind of hardware. If you have several guy lines, working with knots might be quite difficult. The line locks on the market are bulky, heavy and do not hold small cords well or do not utilize the cord effectively. We could not find the perfect ultralight hardware for our tents and tarps so we designed our own SwiftLocks. These tiny cord adjusters weigh only 0.65g (0.85g hook version) and work great with our ultralight polyester cord. We made the SwiftLocks from co-polyester and used titanium inserts where the cord slides. With the metal inserts there is practically no wear.

There are two version – for 10mm webbing and a line hook. Use the hook if you intent to remove the line from your shelter – as for a poncho-tarp. The webbing version is better if you do not intend to remove it – as for a tent. We rate both for 15kg static load – enough for your ultralight hiking shelter.

If you don’t need this level of adjusting of your lines, but rather a easy way to hold them in place – we have a simpler solution – SwiftButtons line locks. Check them out in our custom gear section.



The SwiftLock is easy and intuitive to use and is designed for 1.5mm cord. If you order SwiftLocks with our lines, you can leave a comment and we will cut and thread the liens according to your specification.

Here is how to thread the line – normally done only once. First, prepare your cord by making the end pointy for easy threading – you can use a lighter. Thread from the side marked “GS” and be sure that the line goes between the moving titanium insert and the splitted, pointy end. Then thread the same line end again around the titanium insert. Your working end will go to your anchor (peg), so you can make a loop and the other will be your free end for adjustment – you can make two simple knots.  You might want to use a toothpick, needle or similar to hold the metal part while threading. That’s it, you are good to go!


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