Dyneema Rain Mittens


This mittens are a very light way to protect your hands from the rain and the wind while hiking. We use heavy duty 1.43oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric on the palm side to make them abrasion resistant and lighter 0.8oz Dyneema® on the other side. The gloves are sewn and taped – so tough and 100% waterproof. As you surely know, this DCF materials don’t breath, so the mitts are roomy to allow some ventilation around the wrist. You can adjust the wrist length by simply folding it over. The wrist width is adjustable with a small bungee – cinch just enough, so that the mitts don’t fall of your hands. If you wear the mittens over your jacket sleeves, you need to cinch the cord at the edge of the mittens – with our bungee locks it is easy to do it with one hand.

The sizing is intended as “over-gloves” with thin fleece gloves or mittens – you might want to size up, if you intend to use them over winter gloves. For more on sizing, please check the specification tab.


If your usual gloves size is an M, you will most likely fit in an SM size, but with no warm gloves/mittens underneath. It is better to choose loose fit for better ventilation.

Please allow ±0.5grams tolerance due to manual work.


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