Rain Kilt DCF


This crazy light skirt protects your upper legs from the rain. It is a nice addition for those of you who hike in shorts and use a jacket for rain protection. It only weights 30 grams so it might be worth having this addition to your gear to keep your shorts dry. The overlap design is adjustable with loops and a bungee cord – it does not hinder your movement but stays put while walking. For this application we chose the lithest DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric) that we use to keep the weight as low as possible – 0.51oz/yd² (18g/m²) CT1E.08 Dyneema® Composite Fabric. Cool option is the camouflage DCF – the same material with added printed layer of realistic forest.  The materials are 100% waterproof so it comes in handy if you have to unpack on wet terrain.

The size fits most people, but not all. To determine if it will fit you, consider that the top circumference of the kilt is 116cm and you need some overlap for effective protection – it fits waist of around 105cm. If you need another size or material, just contact us – we will be happy to make a custom skirt for you.



Wrap it around your waist and under your rain jacket. Use the bungee adjusters on the belt as buttons – choose the right loops according to your size. Adjust the cords evenly. Loop the cord stopper in the middle through one or the two loops depending on your size and tighten lightly. When you find your fit, you can permanently cut some of the cords to save some weight.


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