Dyneema Rain Sleeves

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Weight: 21g


If you are using a rectangular poncho, your hands are not really protected in the rain. This is where the rain sleeves come in. They will protect your arms and hands even when holding trekking poles.

The sleeves are made of blue-green 25g/m² Dyneema Composite Fabric (0.8oz DCF). The fabric is glued, so there are no seams through which water could get in. The sleeves are wide at the top to allow some ventilation and attach with an adjustable bungee to the poncho itself. The lower part fits the entire hand and has a thumb slit to hold trekking poles. This is where some water can eventually get in and will drain from the lowest part. A click button controls the air flow at the bottom. The sleeves are designed for arm length 75cm (fingertips to armpit) but will also fit shorter and longer arms. The pair weighs 22 grams (including bungee and tying points patches).

If you want to use all of your fingers you can simply fold the sleeves over and have a “normal” sleeve length.

This sleeves are designed following the ideas of a poncho hiker from Germany. Thanks Peter.


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