272×165 DCF Poncho-Tarp


A variation of our standard DCF poncho-tarp. It is made of inherently waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabric. This tarp size 165cm x 272cm  is practical to minimize the seams – 272cm are two DCF widths.

It has all the features of our standard poncho-tarp – an adjustable hood, bungee cords to fix it around the waist and keep it in place and 8 tying points with line loop, suitable for SwiftLock hooks (not included). There is a additional webbing loop on the inside – practical to hang a bug net or light gear.

This poncho-tarp is available in olive 18g/m², blue-green 25g/m² and camo 23g/m² Dyneeema.




Open the zipper and unroll the hood. Adjust the hood with the bungee cord as needed. You can use the adjuster as a button to connect the bungees under your chin. Use the waist cord adjusters to button the back parts at your front and the front parts just under your pack.


Roll the hood and secure it with the buttons. It is better to have the hood facing the sky. Choose the angle of the tarp so that the rain does not fill up the hood – easy if the zipper lies on the ridge line. Try to have the back of the hood uper than the front .We recommend to use trekking poles and the SwiftLocks line tensioners and carbon fiber or titanium pegs for the rigging. Guy lines, line locks and stakes are not included – you can check our options at the accessories section, but you can also use other gear or  truckers’ hitch knots instead of line locks and save a few grams.


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