Add Tie-outs and Tarp Length


If you need more tie-out points or a longer than the standard (poncho)tarp, this is where you can order the additions.

To add tie-outs on the perimeter use the “brim” option and for other positions on the tarp use the “surface” option. To hang something on the inside of your Dyneema® shelter – like bug net or small items – the “button holes” are quite practical. These are smaller, lighter and are not supposed to hold big loads (so not to be used as tying points). They are easy to use with t-bars or the ultralight bungee adjusters that you can see on some of our products.

It is best to give us the position for additional tying points as a comment in your order or send us a sketch at You can apply these yourself, but it will be easier if you just let us do it. The patches come with line loops, suitable for SwiftLock hooks, but we can also build in non-removable SwiftLocks on the webbing (SwifttLocks are ordered separately), or leave the 10mm webbing without the line loop. If you plan another hardware, please let us know.

Delivery time of an in-stock standard tarp with just additional tying points will be the same as without them – one work day after order.

The materials we use for the patches are: green 1.43oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric; ultralight 10mm webbing and the 3M adhesive tape that many used to call “cuben fiber tape”.

If you need a longer tarp choose the “+10cm” option. For example, if you want a 270cm long poncho-tarp you can order the standard product and then add 2 x “+10cm” option. You will get a poncho-tarp 136cm x 270cm. The added weight for each 10cm is: 2.5g for the 18g/m² version; 3.2g for the camouflage version and 3.5g for the blue-gree tarps.

If you need a wider tarp or other shapes it is best to contact us to discuss what will be the best way to make it, considering price and weight. Normally we ship DCF tarps, ponchos or kilts with non-standard dimensions within a week. But if you want to make sure, it is best to contact us before you make the order.



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