Carbon Pegs with a Line Loop


Our standard carbon fiber pegs don’t have a loop for easy pulling out, but we can include a line loop in every of our carbon pegs. The pegs with a loop weigh about half a gram more than the standard once.
Please mention the type of the end cap and the color of the cord in a comment with your order and we will make your pegs in a few days.
  • Available caps: glow-in-the-dark, yellow, orange, red, blue, aluminum.
  • Available cord colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green, black.



Always drive the peg at 90° to the guy line and as deep as possible. The line should always be at ground level so that the peg does not have unnecessary leverage. If the line slips on the peg it should stop in the ground – not the stake head. Do not hammer the stakes down – the heads are made of plastic – instead use your big toe (with shoes on :)) to plant them in a controlled manner. Do not pull only on the head to get the stake out of the ground – pinch the shaft and try to gently turn and wiggle it. The paint of the carbon fiber pegs might wear off if used in rocky ground – this, while not really nice, does not hinder the usage.












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