Dyneema Backpack 26l (in development)

Weight: 260g


This is an extremely lightweight pack – around 260 grams. It has a roll top closure, is made of 50g/m2 Dyneema Composite and the seam are taped. So it is a waterproof pack.

The bottom is reinforced wit Dyneema+woven fabric to be more durable. The gear that may get wet, or is normal to be wet (shelter, rain gear) can be put in the mesh pockets – one on the back, two on the sides and two on the straps to be accessible with pack on. The last are meant for water bottles or phone like in runners’ vests. There is an additional zipped and hidden pocket at the back for easy access of valuable items like wallet, light or first aid kit. This pocket is also waterproof.

A bungee cord is placed on the back and is meant for a foldable sleeping pad or sit pad. A pad gives this frame less backpack rigidity and better weight distribution.

Most of the webbing straps and buckles are replaced with line and custom line locks which saves quite a lot of weight. The pack has many tying points for bungee cord so additional lightweight gear can be carried and dried on the outside.

The pack is being tested since October 2020 and is doing fine so far, we are still working on small improvements to make it a bit lighter but hope to make it available soon.


Wrap it around your waist and under your rain jacket. Use the bungee adjusters on the belt as buttons – choose the right loops according to your size. Adjust the cords evenly. Loop the cord stopper in the middle through one or the two loops depending on your size and tighten lightly. When you find your fit, you can permanently cut some of the cords to save some weight.


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