Glowing Titanium Pegs


We are trying to make our titanium pegs a bit more visible and a lot more funky. Instead of the classical shepherd’s hook shape this pegs have plastic glow-in-the-dark heads. Because we don’t bend the metal, these are a bit longer than our standard titanium pegs. The glow is subtle, but the heads are glowing for a long time. These pegs are also more visible during the day.

You get a random color of the head, unless you add a comment with your order – if you choose colors it might take a few days to ship your order.




Always drive the peg at an near 90° angel to the guy line and as deep as possible. The line should always be at ground level so that the pegs do not have unnecessary leverage. If a peg is bent, gently straighten it with hands.

Hint: You can also use two stakes at different angles for one guy line to make it more secure.










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