Pack Rain Cover


This rain cover is made of robust 1.43oz/yd² Dyneema Composite Fabric. A bungee goes along the entire perimeter to cinch it around the backpack with a single stopper. The 8 additional webbing loops can be used to secure the cover to the backpack with additional bungees and stoppers or mitten hooks. Two reinforced holes prevent water to collect a at the bottom.

This cover can be made in all sizes, please contact us, for a price and delivery time. The standard material for the pack cover is blue 1.43oz/yd² Dyneema. Also available are green 1.43oz/yd², grey 1.0oz/yd², blue-green 0.8oz/yd², 0.67oz/yd² camo and olive 0.51oz/yd² DCF. If one of the listed sizes fits your pack, you can just add a comment for the material.


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