Dyneema Belt

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Weight: 23g


This super light belt is made of 99g/m2 Dyneema Composite blend with woven fabric. To get enough stiffness we use four layers of the material at the edges and two layers in the middle. The buckle is a custom 3D-printed G-hook with titanium insert – it stays put and is very easy to adjust and unbuckle. This belt fits waist up to 95cm but the length and width can be customized. The the belt can be blue and/or black (can be different on both sides) and the colors of the buckle can be chosen too.

If you order a belt, please leave a comment specifying:

  • Width (up to 35mm, default is 25mm, or one inch)
  • Color (default is black, can be blue or blue&black)
  • Length (default fits waist up to 95cm)
  • Buckle color (many colors are possible, if you don’t specify, you will get a combination that I think you will like)

Peter from France had the idea for a DCF belt. Thanks for the cool project!


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