SwiftButton LineLock

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Weight: 0.4


Now this is a very simple solution to tension and lock a line in a second without any knots. Slide the button on the line to choose the perfect spot for your “knot”. Tension the line and just wind the free end around the button ones or twice. To undo – simply unwind the free end.

In most cases the SwiftLocks are much more practical, allowing to tweak the tension of your shelter, but this little buttons work quite nicely if you are used to “trucker hitch” knots to adjust your shelter. They also come in handy for food hanging.

We designed the buttons for our 1.5mm and 2mm cords. This knot replacements weigh only 0.4 grams each and are made of glow-in-the-dark co-polyester which will make your lines more visible.