Trekking Pole Extender

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Weight: 11g


Sometimes to pitch your shelter properly you need a bit longer trekking poles. Especially with ultralight non-adjustable poles this is a usual problem. We designed a very light trekking pole extenders using carbon fiber tubes. The upper tube with internal diameter of 12mm has a spring mechanism to keep the pole tip centered and the lower tube is much smaller in diameter to save weight. The two tubes are secured together with a titanium rivet. A small plastic basket is designed to stop the pole from sinking too deep in the ground.

With this dimensions it weights only 11 grams and will make your poles around 15cm longer depending on the pole tips and terrain. This design fits all UL trekking poles that we tried. If you need a custom length or if you are not sure if your poles will fit, just contact us.


Just put the tip of your trekking pole in the big carbon fiber tube and press firmly. The tip should be centered and should not wiggle if you try to bend the pole. The spring mechanism will try to separate the pole from the extender, but as long as you apply pressure with your shelter, they will stay put.

How do I know if my poles will fit? If you have a caliper at hand you can measure where the tips of the poles have a diameter of 12mm. Now, measure the length from that point to where the carbide tip starts. If the length is between 20 and 30 cm the extender will fit. The furher the tip sinks into the extender the better – smaller leverage to break of the tip.


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