DCF Dry Bag / Food Bag



This wide, waterproof roll-top dry bag is made of blue-green 25g/m² Dyneema Composite Fabric  (DCF). The fabric is glued, so there are no seams through which water could get in. This bag has a big opening to let you easily search though your food or gear. We recommend it for a food bag – it is designed not only to protect the content of the dry bag from rain, but also to protect your other gear in your backpack from eventual spills.

New version with hook/loop tape on the rim is available – it makes the construction a bit sturdier and easier to use – just pull the plastic parts sharply and the rim aligns. If you want to try it out, choose one of the ‘tape” options.



This bag has a traditional roll top closure: Pull the two buckle parts away from each other, roll the harder top a few times and click the buckle. You can hang your bag from a tree – just thread some line through both ‎back loops (not the buckle, because it can open).


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