Pillow Case / Dry Bag


This bag has two versions: one is made of waterproof 25g/m² Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) and the other is made of ultralight non-waterproof ripstop. Both have a classic roll top closure. The bag is intended to keep your clothes clean, organized and dry (the Dyneema version). The size is carefully chosen – if you put your spare clothes in and slip a bandana on it becomes a comfy pillow with a pillow case. The bandannas are easy to wash and dry so you can easily have better sleep hygiene. Adjust softness and size by stuffing in more clothes and by using the roll top closure. When not a pillow, it is a nice ultralight stuff sack. With the inherently waterproof material of the DCF version, glued seams and the roll top closure, you should not worry about getting your clothes or other gear wet in the rain. The ripstop material is breathable, even lighter and soft and so can make a better pillow if you do not need the bag to be waterproof. Naturally, you can use these bags not only for clothes, but also for a food bag for example, but we have dedicated another bag with a bigger opening for that.


Other dimensions and are possible, just contact us and we will give you price and delivery time.


If you have not used a bag with a roll top closure, it goes like this:

Pull the buckle parts apart from each other to straighten the neck and close the opening. Roll the rim several times to compress the bag and clip the buckle. That’s it. If you want to make the closure more secure, loop the buckles one more time before clicking them, as shown in one of the photos.

The Dyneema material is air tight, so it is better to compress the air out before you roll the top.

If you want to hang the bag, do not stress the buckles – these are designed only to hold the dry bag together and as such might open. Instead, thread your line through the black loops that hold the buckle.


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