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Weight: 38g


This groundsheet is a simple and very light solution for protecting your gear from abrasion, dirt and wet ground. Use with a tent or a sleeping pad, if you camp without a tent. This thin sheet is made of polyolefin shrink-wrap, often called “polycro”. With a thickness of 15 μm it only weighs 13,8 g/m². We offer it as a 1.2m x 2.3m sheet which matches the Stargazer 2 person tent. It is also a good size for camping with a tarp or under the stars to keep your sleeping pad and gear clean and dry. You can also use it to wrap your gear to protect it from the condensation at night. With this dimensions it weights only 38grams. You can cut it to size and if you need bigger sheets just contact us.



This material is resistant to punctures for its remarkable weight, but tears very easily. Have some regular tape to repair any tears before they spread.

If it is raining and the floor of your shelter is already punctured, the groundsheet might make matters worse. Water can collect on the polycro sheet and make puddles instead of soaking into the ground. To avoid that, make sure no water is dripping on the groundsheet.



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