Minimalist Mesh Bivi/Tent


If you are looking for the lightest possible sleeping setup, don’t want to carry a full tent, but prefer a tarp or a poncho-tarp, this might be just for you. The mesh-tent will give you protection from the wet ground, full bug protection and some wind and splash protection from three sides.

The design focuses on minimal weight, easy and flexible choice of sleeping spots and fast setup. It has a small footprint – 80cm x 200cm (220cm for the long version) and the bivi-tent is symmetrical (feet and head positions are interchangeable). This will help you flexibly choose the nicest sleeping spot in the area.

You can just:

  • sleep on top of this shelter (use it for “cowboy camping”), when no bugs are around;
  • slip in it without pitching it, like in a mesh bivi;
  • or pitch it up like a mesh tent using all the attachment points or just the top corners.

Use your trekking poles or hang it directly on your tarp. We also offer self adhesive tying points that we can apply on any ordered tarp, or you can apply yourself if you already have a rain cover – check the custom products section : “add tie-outs”.

The tub is made of 0.8oz/yd²) or more robust 1.0oz/yd² Dyneema and the sides are made of 0.51oz/yd² DCF to save weight. We use a super fine polyamide bug net for the rest. This black 25g/m² net provides quite good visibility while keeping the smallest bugs outside.

A rainbow style YKK 3C zipper with two pullers allows easy access. The mesh tent is fitted with six SwiftLock line adjusters and ultralight cord . It has 3 meters of line for the top attachment points and 1.5 meters on the corners so you can use the same six pegs that you need for your tarp in an A-frame setup. You might want to shorten some of the lines depending on your setups to save a few grams. We added one removable hook style SwiftLock that can be used on the back side of the shelter to make it wider and more wind resistant.


Please allow ±1gram tolerance.


Lay flat on the ground and stake the four corner pegs at a distance of at least 30cm from the edges – the further the better. Keep in mind that you might need the same anchoring points for your tarp. It is important that the lines to the pegs follow the direction of the ribbons with the SwiftLocks. Don’t tension the lines just yet – just rill the slag. Stake the two side pegs at least a meter from the tent – again further is better. Stick your trekking poles next to the side of the mesh tent. You can use a simple knot to fix the line to the trekking pole like the girth hitch or just loop it around the handle several times and then fix the line end to the peg. When all the six lines are attached to the pegs just walk around and adjust the tension evenly starting with the trekking pole lines.

If your tarp is big and you want a low pitch, it will be much easier to have tying points on the inside of the tarp. We included a few mittens’ hooks for such a setup.

As a final touch, you can use a fifth peg to fix the back side and make the tent a bit wider. A SwiftLock hook with line is included but removable to safe a few grams if you don’t tend to use it and carry additional peg.


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