Titanium Pegs


Most hikers have quite different approaches and expectations for their tent or tarp pegs. Some people are used to hammering the pegs in the ground with a stone and some are quite gentle starting with the choice of terrain, some don’t even bother to take stakes if they are sure that nature will provide the needed anchoring (especially with hammock tarps). 

We offer a variety of lightweight stakes suitable for different types of terrains.  You can balance between sturdiness and lightness by making sets of different pegs for your shelter.  We use grade5 titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy for our stakes.

Our titanium pegs are a bit different than most – longer than usual and with smaller hooks to save weight. All are hand-made and sharpened at a small angle. They come in three diameters: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.

2mm titanium stake

This is the lightest peg that we offer for the most advanced ultra-light hikers. It weights the impressive 2.3g. It is longer than the other few 2mm stakes on the market. We added some length because it is quite easy to drive in and take out such a thin and pointy pin. We recommend this peg if you plan to camp on well packed ground in low winds. A little trick is to carry a few extra stakes so you can use two for one line in different angles, if the soil does not hold well. We don’t recommend these for loose ground. It is possible that the pegs are bent after use, but are easily straightened by hand.

2.5mm titanium stakes

These, like the 2mm pegs, are also very easy to stake in hard ground, but are much sturdier and harder to bend. The 2.5mm diameter is quitе uncommon, but a great middle ground. The two lengths of ⌀2.5mm pegs (3.5g and 4.5g) are our all-around choice for an ultra-light shelter.

3mm titanium stake

These are the most robust and reliable metal pegs that we offer. 3mm is also the most common diameter for a steel or titanium stake on the market. This particular peg is longer than most with a length of 183mm and will hold well on most types of soil. With a weight of 6.1g, we recommend it for those of you who want to make the sure choice. Carrying only two big stakes for the ridge line and using lighter pegs for the rest could also be a smart decision. Some people might also find it useful to have one or two robust and pointy pieces of titanium at hand to help digging a cat hole or support a pot.

You might want to check the glow-in-the-dark version in the custom products section.



Always drive the peg at 90° to the guy line and as deep as possible. The line should always be at ground level so that the pegs do not have unwanted leverage. If a peg is bent, gently straighten it with hands.

Hint: You can also use two stakes at different angles for one guy line to make it more secure.










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