Minimalist Dyneema® Tarp


This is a small and extremely light tarp. We make it out of different  Dyneema® Composite Fabrics:

  • green 0.51oz/yd2 (≈18g/m²) CT1E.08
  • blue-green 0.8oz/yd2 (≈25g/m²) CT2E.08
  • camouflage 0.67oz/yd 2 (≈23g/m²) CT1E.08/C21K.18)

The lightest version weighs only 83g – probably the lightest rain shelter you can find. The tarp has 8 reinforced tying points with cord loops suitable for hook type SwiftLock line adjusters. Using trekking poles and some pegs or using trees, this is the choice for rain protection for the advanced minimalist hiker. Use it as a standard A-shaped shelter or in other configurations. The tarp does not come with any cord or line locks so  you can decide which tying points you want to use and how.

Other dimensions or additional tie outs are possible, just contact us and we will give you price and delivery time. You can also check the “custom gear” section for examples or use “add tie outs and length” to order customizations.

Here is a short video presentation of the camouflage version from Karl Heger from Austria:



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