Stargazer Storm 2 Person Tent (in development)

Weight: ca. 510g


The Stargazer Storm is an ultralight two person tent. It is bigger than the original Stargazer and is fully enclosed. Like the standard, this is a two layer tent, so you can still use only the inner mesh tent when the weather allows it. So gaze into the stars and stay protected from bugs.The inside of the Stargazer 2p is 220cm long, 120cm wide and 90cm high at its peak. It uses two 130cm (or longer) trekking poles (not included) and minimum of 6 stakes (not included, you can choose from our carbon fiber or titanium pegs). The first layer (or inner tent) is made of  25g/m² Dyneema at the bottom and the lightest mosquito mesh on the market. The fine structure of the net gives great visibility and protection from the tiniest of bugs. The inner tent opens on one side with long YYK #3 zippers. The second layer (or rain fly) is made of 18g/m² Dyneema composite.  The rain fly is fitted with the lines and our SwiftLock line adjusters. You can use the tent with a polyolefin groundsheet (known by the ultra-light community as polycro, not included), but also without a ground sheet. The Stargazer storm 2p features guy lines, SwiftLock line adjusters and trekking pole cups.

We are currently testing this design and will be announcing the official production soon.



This tent is easy and fast to set up, but is different than other tents. It goes like this:

Lay the inner tent flat on the ground. Stick the four corner pegs of the tent around 50cm away from the corners – the further the better. The position of the pegs is important – follow the direvtion of the ribbon. The stakes should be at less than 90° to the guy lines and the line should be touching the ground rather the head of the peg. Slightly pull the lines, only to roughly mark the position of the tent – no tension yet.

Stake the two pegs for the trekking poles at around 1m away from the tent and slip the guy lines on the pegs. Stick a pole in the ground close to the tent, put the pole cup on the handle and slightly tension the line – just enough to hold the pole straight. Do the same on the other side.

At this point you can go around the tent and pull the lines to adjust the tension. That’s it for the inner tent! Make sure that the tips of the trekking pole handles are around 85cm apart (or just slightly above and next to the tent peaks. You can adjust that with the SwiftLocks.

Lay the rain fly on the inner tent. At the back of the tent (opposite to the entrance) unbuckle the line of the inner push it through the opening at the fly and buckle it again. Put the rain fly on the poles and slip the line loops of all lines on the same six pegs that hold the inner tent. Again, slightly reel in the slack of the lines. Attach the line at the front to the pole.  Now you can attach the final line of the outer tent to the stake. If needed (expected stormy weather), use the other attachment points with the included SwiftLocks and lines. Make final adjustments by slightly and evenly pulling on all the lines.

If a line is too tight, just pull the SwiftLock up to unlock.


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