All our products are covered by a 1 year warranty. If a defect has been detected in the received product, please contact us at info@gearswifts.com or use the contact form on gearswifts.com.

We will send you a new one or repair it.

The shipping address is:

Haga 16, 16A, Sofia, Bulgaria

We always take responsibility for our products, therefore we do not need a copy of the proof of purchase.

The warranty does not cover mechanical damages caused by the user’s fault, as well as natural wear of products. Nevertheless, we always try to repair any damaged product (if the product is not covered by the guarantee, the repair costs are always priced fairly and we will give you the price prior to the repair).

If the complaint is accepted, we cover all shipping costs: the damaged product to us and the repaired product, back to the customer. This applies to shipments around the world. Reimbursement of transport costs shall be made on the basis of a proof of shipment confirmation sent to us.