Stuff Sacks ⌀13 L32


Weight: 6.3g - 7.7g


This Dyneema stuff sacks are a variation of our standard product. Made of 25g/m²  or 34g/m² Dyneema Composite Fabric  (DCF). The fabric is mostly glued, so it is waterproof up to the stitching on the top opening. If this is not enough, check our bags with roll top closure for better water protection and compressibility. This version has a simple cinch cord with a stopper so that the opening and closing are very easy. This approach also saves a few grams. More custom sizes are available from tiny coin bags to big pack liners. Available materials at the moment are 18g/m² green, 25g/m² blue-green, grey 34g/m² and 50g/m² green and blue.

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